Important tips on School and Competition Speeches:



  • An Attitude of confidence and excellence will boost your child’s personal confidence and his grading point
  • Clothing needs to be neat and on an excellent standard
  • Be friendly and relaxed while presenting the speech
  • The golden rule is to enjoy and express yourself


  • While presenting the Speech, posture must be upright and naturally comfortable
  • Facial and hand movement needs to allign with the words of the Speech
  • Connection and contact with the audience is crucial
  • Vary tone and tempo of voice, and also pause at the right time with the right tempo
  • Make eye contact with the adjudicator and the audience
  • To have the knowledge on difficult or foreign words
  • The School or Competition Speech must be memorised and well known

Note Cards

  • Note Cards for the School or Competition Speech must not be bigger than a ‘postcard’
  • Envelope size is perfect
  • Note Cards need to be held on elbow height