Anserie Badenhorst: Managing Director and Founder of Carpe Diem Drama School (Pty) Ltd.

Why I started my own Drama School:

Since 1987 I had this longing in me to start my own Drama School to play a role in developing young personalities – as Drama is my PASSION. That is where it all started!  I passed my exams with Honours. With my practical examination the Examiner said to me:  “Please go home and just start your own Drama School!”Drama kinders.jpg 3

So I did!

Our family relocated to Kempton Park in 1997 together with ”Carpe Diem Drama School’.

‘Carpe Diem Drama School’ is now 24 years old and we have grown in posture and size. We have a well-known and recognised name in the East Rand

What we focus on at Carpe Diem Drama School:

1. Performing Arts:

  • Carpe Diem Drama school focus on PERFORMING ARTS, from the ages of 4 years up to Gr 12208922_347121598695210_585416648_n
  • Performing at Eisteddfods Individually and Group work
  • Impromptu work, working and acting in Groups

2. We develop young Personalities with LIFE SKILL exercises teaching them the following:


  • Communication Skills
  • Concentration Improvement (great for ADD or ADHD)
  • Boosting Self-confidence
  • Teach them to think on their feet
  • Develop their self-esteem
  • Memorization Skills
  • Develop Creativity in a playful and creative way

3. Movement dramaPrestasie

  • Stage use

4. We also specialize in a PLAYFUL manner on:

  • Impromptu talks – formal and informal
  • Unprepared Storytelling

5. Art of Acting

  • Improvisations – individual and Group
  • The art of Mime – Individual and Group
  • The art of Creative Advertising
  • Unprepared Speech – Individual and Group
  • To be creative in different waysDrama kinders.jpg 5

Speech Writing Experience:


I started in Kimberley writing and coaching speeches when my eldest son – Louwrie Badenhorst – Gr 4 – was the overall winner in Kimberley in the age group Gr 4 – 7 in 1996 (My first victory in Public Speaking).

After we relocated to Kempton Park in 1997 my two sons participated in the same year for their new school where:

Louwrie (that time in  Gr 5) came first in Afrikaans Public Speaking and second in English Public speaking at Kempton ParkDrama kinders.jpg 6

Public Speaking School Competitions and was crowned the OVERALL BEST BILINGUAL speaker Gr 4 -7 in 1997. He also came first at an East Rand Schools Public speaking competition.

Brend (that time in  Gr 5) came third at the East Rand Schools Public Competition. Brend also won at Kempton Park Public Speaking School Competition on various occasions and also won the prime reward of OVERALL BEST BILINGUAL SPEAKER Gr 4 – 7  in Gr 4 and 6 (1999 and 2001).

Both of them were ALWAYS a force to be reckoned with and won quite regularly!  Great Speeches, great talent, and of course – great coaching!

Since then I never looked back – even my Drama School Children went from strength to strength in Public Speaking and Eisteddfods. In 2015 – I wrote for a Kempton Park High school Group of Gr 11’s their Group Public Speech – I was also involved in the coaching – they came second in the finals of the South African Radical Speech Competition held at Garsfontein High School in Pretoria.

Most of my Children participating either at School,  ATKV, Eisteddfods, or other Competitions do very well by ending under Drama kinders.jpg 2the best 5 – most of them first AND second!

I wrote a Speech for a Girl in Gr 2 in Montagu, 2015, her school competed against 5 Schools – age group Gr 1 to Gr 3 – with the Audio File (via DROPBOX) she came first in her category. She was never part of my Drama School!

Carpe Diem Drama School’s Vision:                                                             

To develop small minds for a BIG FUTURE!

We are a team who work in unity to be GREAT every day!Drama kinders.jpg 8 Goed


I honestly believe in EVERYDAY GREATNESS – that means we as the team have to SEIZE EACH DAY to make every day COUNT in the hearts of the CHILDREN we reach so that they will one day remember to concentrate on TODAY, make THEIR today count and to make an IMPACT on THEIR day so that they can be GREAT – EVERY DAY of their lives – not maybe ONE DAY!

EVERYDAY GREATNESS is our GOAL for each person / child that cross our way!

Credentials:Drama kinders.jpg 7

  • Drama teacher since 1992
  • I am involved since 1996 writing and coaching Class speeches, Public Speaking and Group Public speaking.
  • Adjudicator at Public Speaking and Group Public Speaking Competitions
  • Adjudicator at various Eisteddfod’s

Personal Credentials:

  • Motivational speaker
  • Marriage Seminars
  • Ladies Conferences
  • Ordained Preacher.
  • Do Cabarets, (even personalised Birthday or Kitchen Tea Cabarets)

Performances:Drama kinders.jpg 2

  • Around the world in 80 minutes  – Performed over 30 times in the last 12 years
  • Katryn, die Honeymoon en die Bloutrein – performed 8 times
  • Om te Afrikaans
  • My lewe (at my Birthday party – 250 guests)
  • Om groot te word – performed 5 times
  • Chrissie – 50th birthday Cabaret
  • Anrie – 21st Birthday Cabaret
  • Janine – Kitchentea Cabaret
  • Wrote 9 Cristmas plays and performed in it with various ArtistsDrama kinders

Group Concerts:


I did Group Concert Programmes and Experimental work with groups – they were Overall winners at Eisteddfods in each and every ‘play’!

  • Skeletons in the closet
  • Om te Boerneef
  • Die tyd stap aan
  • My land, my mense, my lied
  • Ons is ook mos Mense
  • Ewig Afrikaans