Are you in need of a Speech for your Child?

We write School-, Class- and Public Speaking Competition Speeches for children of all ages (6 – 18 years). We can assist you from anywhere in South Africa. It is quick, easy and the whole process is online.

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Steps to get the process started:

  1. Complete our online application form below.
  2. We will then give you a call within 24 hours (working hours) to introduce ourselves, explain the process and answer all your questions or queries.
  3. Submission of required information: You will receive an introduction email for further information required.
  4. Payment of application fee’s: We will only start the process after payment has been received.

We can assist you from anywhere in South Africa. We have been in the business of writing School Speeches and Competition Speeches for 20 years.

Benefits of using us:Ans MAri Wilma

  1. It saves you time and stress.
  2. The structure of the speech will be correct and ready to print for cards.
  3. The Audio File will help your child to make use of the correct INTERPRETATION when presenting the speech.
  4. A technical correct speech with the right interpretation will boost your child’s confidence and evaluation marks.

Contact us for more information:

Mari Botha                                                                               

Mari Fotot

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Cell: 061 431 8872



School / Class Speech: (Audio File Included)

  • Gr 1 – 3       R330
  • Gr 4 – 7       R430
  • Gr 8 – 9       R530
  • Gr 10 -12   R630

Public Speaking / Competition Speech: (Audio File Included)

  • Gr 1 – 3        R630
  • Gr 4 – 5        R730
  • Gr 6 – 7        R780
  • Gr 8 – 9        R880
  • Gr 10 -12    R930


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